Friday, February 14, 2014


1) If you play any sport, would you like it to be your career?
            I neither play any sport nor would I like to take up any as my career. -Purnav Soundankar.
            No, I would not because in India there is no scope of much income in sport but it is in the case of civil services like IAS, IPS, IFS. The civil services have more respect. -Sanket Bhokre.
             Yes, I would like to take it take it as a career, because firstly I love it and the second is I would like to represent my country playing nationals. -Tanvi Kuwarkar

2) What kind of direct/ indirect physical/mental effect does sport make on the society? What and how?
               It has a direct mental effect as the political conditions in the country are affected. Eg. Sachin Tendulkar makes 21000 ODI runs, he is appointed a seat in Rajya Sabha.-Sanket Bhokre
              There are some direct mental effects of sports. There is awareness of fitness and health. It is also very important to keep our mind physically and mentally alert.-Hrishikesh Kulkarni.
This is an interview conducted of Mr. Anil Jadhav, teacher at KHS Primary Section who also trains children for football, volleyball and mainly hockey.

Q. What does sports mean to you and what is its importance?
A.    Sports play a very important role in one's life. Physical fitness is a must. Along with physical fitness, mental fitness is also equally important. Ans sports provide an all round development-physical and mental. Sports increases concentration of a person. These days consumption of fast food is seen on a large scale. We see the youngsters suffering from various ailments and heart conditions. Though sports is given a bit of importance, it is all indoor based. Computers have been proven to be a great bane in case of the health of the society.

Q. Do you think sports- as in games are getting importance?
A. I can't say. Today, yes. There is a lot of improvement. But not enough importance is given to sports. Like everything else, politics is involved in every game. Politicians and leaders control the game. So there is corruption in the very game itself. There are pretty good players. But economic problems are a major thing to hold them back. And again, politics involved, money required!

Q. What are the various awards conferred upon sportspersons? On what basis are they awarded?
A. A number of awards are conferred like the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna., Arjun Award, Shiv Chhatrapati  Award, Dyanchand award, etc. The awards are conferred on the basis of the individual achievements, the number of games they've played at stake, national, international levels, their individual score; individual victories and victories for the country. Like maybe cricket, the number of games, runs scored and so on.

Q. Is social contribution taken into account?
A. No, no of course not. The conferring of these awards is completely and solely on the basis of individual performance and success at various levels of game.

Q. Do you think sports make any direct physical/ indirect physical/ mental effect on the society?
A. Yes to some extent I think it does make an impact. You know, the people, society watched sports being played on the T.V. They get an inspiration from the personalities they watch. If you see a kid holding a bat and ask him why, he'll say it's because of Sachin Tendulkar. So that's how you know. Then again we come to the fact that only a few get importance and other sports are shunned aside.

Q. Do you think hockey in India needs attention? What are you doing as your contribution?
A. Yes, of course. Hockey needs a lot of attention. I mean, it is our national game and hardly anyone knows about it. I myself have been playing hockey since a young age and have developed an interest. Now, my age isn't appropriate for playing the game. So I train young children. I make them play hockey and see if they develop an interest My aim is to train these kids and watch them play at state, national and international levels.

Q. Your say to young generation.
A. Like I said before, indoor games are much preferred today. It is important that you get out on the ground. Sitting at home, watching the game play isn't going to do any good. You must get out on the field and feel that want to play games. You feel really happy and will surely develop and interest. You should play daily, sweat daily, tire yourself daily. Get out and play a number of game. See which one attracts you most. Narrow it down and focus on it. You could make it your career. Bu the most important is parent's support. Parents want only bread earning. Money isn't everything. So my message to parents- money isn't as important as your child's happiness and satisfaction.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Opinions by P.E. Teachers

General lifestyle of Indian kids of today

Children those who don't participate in sports, they have some common sedentary activities that competes with the physical activities. It includes-
  • Homework
  • Playing computer games
  • Use of the internet
  • Watching television

A Career in Sports

I will advice a student to make a career in sports. There are many options for people who want to make a career in sports. Examples of such careers are as follows-
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Fitness center manager
  • Secondary school P.E. teacher
  • Sports and exercise psychologist
  • Sports administrator
  • Sports coach
  • Government sports development officers
  • Sports therapists
  • Event organizers
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Higher school lecturers
  • Outdoor activities/ Education managers
There are many sports educational and physical education courses in India. Training in courses in popular sports from the leading sports education institutions in India and at international levels.

After schooling, kids think about their careers in the different fields of sports. As they reach the level of being a national and international player they stop playing. So it's our request to them to not stop playing. Manage your time properly. For example, practice for at least one and a half hour or join a fitness club to maintain your level of fitness. Some students do not opt to make physical education as a profession because they don't find it very paying. There are some institutions to counsel such students.

"Healthy body depends on a healthy mind" 

as a healthy person will be alert, energetic and confident to carry out daily activities without feeling tired or exhausted.

-Mr. Mahesh Patil

P.E. Teacher


In sports character, value, physical and mental strength are challenged in a short span of time.Sports can tell us a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a society.
India's youth needs a lot of encouragement to achieve excellence in sports-firstly from the parents. Secondly-from the educational institution and thirdly- from the sponsors and the last but not the least from the provincial and the Central government.
Very few of our preset day educational institutions are having playgrounds attached to them.Now-a-days the children are over-burdened with homework so much so that they need to rush home to finish their homework. they hardly find time for playing. In the college there is great competition to score well in 90's and then to prepare for the entrance exams for professional courses. we need to change this situation. The school curriculum needs to be amended and sports should me made compulsory.
The challenge is not simply to build sports facilities but to utilize them. It is also to offer long term pathways that will help young people continue playing sports into adulthood. the 2 best things that will encourage children for participating in play ground activities are:
  1. Motivation of the child.
  2. Valuing those things and considering them as important or useful.
We need to provide situations where children can develop and demonstrate real competence in performing meaningful and moderately difficult skills.

P.E. Teacher, K.H.S. 

Teachers should find out what should be considered important on a particular child's playground, then teach that child the exact skills needed in order to participate actively on that playground.
    To help the children develop performance skills, you should equip each child with knowledge with the basic rules and strategies of typical playground games. We may be able to  influence the value of a skill by emphasizing its importance to the child.  this can be done by providing models, demonstrations by the teacher in order to make them value it and simply telling a child that it is important.
     Giving children a chance to privately practice skills that they are struggling with is a great way to help them to get better using these skills.
                                                                                                                       -Vaishali Shinde
                                                                                                                      PE teacher at KHS



1) Do you think other sports players are given less importance than cricket players?
            No, I don't think that other sports are given less importance because first of all cricket is not at all our  national game. Hockey, Kabbadi, Football, Volleyball, etc. are also given importance. I really think that these games are also given the same importance by Indians. -Atharva Borawke 
             Yes, I think that other sportspersons are given less importance than cricketers because by taking the example of hockey, which is our national game, the players get more than 1 lakh rupees. But cricket, which is not even our national game gives 1 crore rupees to every player. -Pritesh Dangi
            Yes, I think other sportspersons are given less importance than cricketers because most of the times cricketers get help from government. People see only cricket as a career in sports and mostly cricketers' names come in newspapers. -Sanika Mate
            No, I don't think so because if it was so then how did India participate in the Olympics or Hockey competitions? -Meghraj Reddy
          No, I don't think other sportspersons are given less importance than cricketers. It's our country that has adopted cricket as its major sport according to the people. As in other countries there are other favourite sports for which a greater importance is given. -Saibaba Nargund

2) Do you think  that the Union Government should provide more facilities to other sports else than cricket?
               Yes, I think that the Union Government should provide more facilities to other sports else than cricket because every sport is unique in its own nature. That is why Union Government should give equal facilities to each and every sports. -Tarun Nambiar.
                Yes, the Union Government should take an initiative in other sports rather than cricket to make all sports attractive so people could get familiar to all sports. -Anirudha Vispute

Friday, February 7, 2014


Q 1)Do you think other sports players are given less importance than cricket players?
1. No, I don't think so because most of the awards like Dronacharya award, Padma Bhushan, etc are provided to other sports rather than cricket like hockey, shooting, athletics, etc. Though other sports  persons have a less fan following than cricketers the, the Government takes proper care of them. -Sanket Bhokre.
2. No, I don't think so because in Olympics we are achieving different medals in different sports. Government is providing all the facilities that are needed for other sports persons. Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Abhinav Bindra have won many medals. They have been awarded and also given importance. 

Q 2) Do you think that the Union Government should provide more facilities to other sports else than cricket?
1. It is up to the Government whether they want to promote other sports in India or just cricket. -Purnav Soundankar.
2. Yes, of course, because cricket is not a sport that is played in Olympics so in order to make India ahead in the Olympics, the Union Government should provide more facilities to sports  else than cricket. -Sanket Bhokre.

Thursday, February 6, 2014



For the survey conducted in our school, students of std. 9th have expressed their views on the following:-
Q1) Do you think other sports player are given less importance than cricketers?

  1. They used to be given great importance until a few years back, but with changing scenario, people have begun recognizing and acknowledging other sports as well. -Komal Kachare
  2. No I don't think other sports persons are given less importance than cricketers. It's our country that has adapted cricket as its major sport. As in other countries there are other favourite sports for which more importance is given.-Saibaba Nargund
  3. No I don't think so because if it was so India  would have not participated in Olympics or other championships.-Meghraj Reddy
  4. Yes I think other sports person are given less importance because most of the times cricketers get help from other govt. People always see only cricket as career in sports and mostly cricketers name come in newspaper. -Sanika Mate
  5. No, I don't think sports persons are given less importance than cricketers. There are many young children who go for various other sports other than cricket and thus their idol will be in the field they play in. - Deeksha Bhilare.
  6. Yes, I think other sports persons are given less importance than cricketers. Hockey is India's national sport but still cricketers are paid more than hockey players. It is not anyone's fault. people like cricket more so obviously for money, they get more attention. - Rohan Paranjape. 
Q2) Do you think  that the Union Government should provide more facilities to other sports else than cricket?
  1. Yes they should provide more facilities to other sports because each person's liking differs and one may want to play other sports than cricket. -Saibaba Nargund
  2. Yes, I think the Union Government should provide more facilities to other sports because there are many wonderful sports but because of many reasons these sports do not get encouraged. If given facilities sports can become a good career. Also India can make progress in all sports. -Sanika Mate
Q3) If you play any sport, would you like it to be your career?
  1. Yes, I do play a sport, volleyball, and obviously I would like to take it up as a career if the Union Government takes efforts to make progress in it. -Meghraj Reddy
  2. I would like to take up skating as my career, but as there are very less facilities and we really do not get support and encouragement. So I would think before deciding my career. -Sanika Mate
  3. Yes, I would like to take it up as a career but it requires a tough mindset and a fixed idea from a very young age. -Saibaba Nargund
Q4) Which career do you think pays more and is more prestigious?
Sports has a very good effect on our mind. We get fresh after playing. We can concentrate well and also feel happy. Not only does our body stay fit but also our mind. -Sanika Mate

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Diary......

Dear Diary,
                Today was a total disaster! Coach said that we had to bring a written consent letter from the parents to participate in the competition. Everyone was complaining for we were already into a week of practice. But I had a totally different issue to worry about. Mom and dad had yet not officially agreed and now I had to get their signs on the consent letter! I was damn worried. You have absolutely no idea how much I had to plead to them, had to make so many promises and then again promise to abide by them. But anyways, their hearts seem to have softened and they agreed.
                School was horrible! We had some test the other day and we got the answer papers back today. I’ve not scored very good and the teacher was telling me off. She did so in front of the whole class. I mean I know I‘ve got to work hard but that does not mean being told off in front of the whole class. I felt really bad and that put me off for the whole day. I have been studying since I got back and now, I am going to go to sleep after dinner. I don’t care what mom and dad say anymore- at least for now.    

                                                                                                                      -Aditi Chitpur.